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A better approach to wire management
From a trusted brand in metal fabrication

Research Driven

We spent months researching the right technologies and features

Customer Focused
We listened to your challenges and let your feedback guide our development
Multi Use
Use with wire from any vendor. We will never lock you into a proprietary wire

We help you manage wire reels

Spool Boss was designed by experts in managing heavy reels at job sites

6,500 lbs payload

Handle up to 6,500 lbs. heavy wire payloads with no worries

Stability in forklifts
Easily moveable because forklift stability is designed in
Built In Charging​
Save your time with an integrated charging feature
Release brakes
Self-brakes itself as soon as you let go of the handle
Easy Load/ Unload
Use “wheel in, roll out”  technique for load & unload
Lifts the wire reels with incorporated hydraulics
Safety: Fork Pockets
Fork pockets designed to improve stability & safety
Safety First
Easy Mandrel locking system for quick latch of the spool bar
One person operation
Just a single person required to manage wires
Zero turn radius
Zero Turn Radius capability turns it on easily
Easy rolling
It rolls effortlessly with the heaviest weights on it
Self braking
Ensures controlled weight management

We have taken the guesswork out of it. See the many use cases! Spool Boss isn’t just for wire spools at job sites

We know the difficulties you face in managing wire spools. We get it. We have been there. We’ve walked through the process ourselves. You will be happy to know that Spool Boss isn’t just for wire reels at job sites. What if we showed you how to optimize your warehouse. This free white-paper shares use cases to show you how to optimize multiple workflows. Why wait? Download it now.

Watch the Spool Boss in Action

Spool Boss at Work

Reduces Need for

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Spool Boss is a wire reel payoff system designed to handle heavy wire loads at job sites.
    Spool Boss was designed and manufactured in the USA by ESA Fabrication based in Phoenix, AZ. ESA Fabrication was founded in 2005 and continues to provide innovative solutions to the national electrical industry.
    Please contact ESA Fabrication at 602-550-7173 for a quote.
    Spool Boss is currently available by contacting ESA Fabrication at 602-550-7173. Stay tuned for Spool Boss appearing at one of your favorite distributors near you.
    Absolutely! You can go to our website to watch a video of Spool Boss in action. For a demo unit to use at your site, please contact ESA Fabrication at 602-550-7173.

    Yes, there are other reel payoff products available on the market but Spool Boss delivers the combination of value, functionality and safety that you desire. Spool Boss was born out of ESA observations of the challenges that their customers were facing in managing heavy wire reels.

    Here are all the differentiators that we built into Spool Boss:

    • Zero turn radius
    • 6,500 lbs. payload
    • Stability during forklift usage
    • Self braking
    • Handle release brakes
    • Locking brakes
    • Easy Load/Unload
    • Integrated hydraulics
    • Easy raise for ergonomics
    • Easy rolling
    • One person operation
    • Replaces multiple units
    No! Spool Boss was intentionally designed to be used by just one person. It is easy to maneuver. Loading is as easy as rolling in a reel and lifting a wire reel cannot be any easier through the use of integrated hydraulics.